Sunday, November 30, 2008

The city of lights just got a bit brighter...

Snow is Falling

Last month I watched the leaves fall off the trees...

Last night Alison & I watched the snow fall! We got off the metro & next thing we know we were being snowed on. Since we are both from California this was a HUGE deal for us!


Since I am hundreds of miles away from my friends and family this Thanksgiving, I decided to share the tradition with 75 of my new friends. This was a huge effort, but in the end it came together beautifully . We split all the Americans into teams "mash team" "cran team" and were able to put together a fantastic dinner, all homemade I might add!

I made homemade pumpkin pie out of this guy. Of course this was after spending 20E on some other orange veggie I though was a pumpkin, which I later learned really wasn't edible. This amused my French friends of course...

homemade apple pie!

It was like an army base pealing all the potatoes

cranberry sauce

mama Sarah
Yes Dad, my sweet potatoes are better & fatter than yours are!
Sarah & I rubbed, massaged, seasoned the daylights out of these babies & to think I was veggie last year??
I think the highlight for the Frenchies were the pies!

Traditionally, at home we go around the table & say what you're thankful for. Since we had 75 people and way too many languages, we made a "i'm thankful for..." wall.

The cooking crew

We also made a hand turkey wall. This was a bit confusing to the French/Spanish etc at first, but they grew to love it!

The dance party after. If i've learned one thing about all the other countries is that their celebrations always revolve around singing, dancing & drinking. I know we dance, but they take it seriously!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Last year I had a lot of trouble getting around my neighborhood, because the Castro took a turn back to the 70's to film Gus Van Sant's movie MILK. The film is an account of one of the country's first openly gay public officials, Harvey Milk, who was assassinated in 1978, to invest the gay rights movement with mythic grandeur, as a successor to all the heroic social protest movements in American history. The film is finally opening today at the Casto theater. Wish I could be there to see it. This is good incentive for me to come back to the states.

OH, can we talk about the fact that my love James Franco plays Harvey's lover in the movie? LOVE IT.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Brando à Paris


Taught Me

My lurverly friends Taught Me from San Francisco graced us with a fun filled night of amazing musiq last week. Meggie & Andrew were awesome enough to join in the festivities. As always the whole gang put on an amazing show. It was the first time i'd seen Adam & Aubry play with Blake (the lead singer/master of the musiq), so as you can imagine it was a pretty sweet show. The festivities took place at La Mer à Boire- Café Animé, which is a hidden treasure in the 20th Arrodissement. There is the most beautiful view of Paris from this place, comparable to Sacré-Cœur, just minus all the tourists. All in all it was a magical night...especially since Meggie & I got a ride home in their super sick 'tour van'.

*Photo credits: Meggie M

dîner de famille

we started with this...

...and ended with this.